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RayScan +

Configurable 3D CT System that can be simultaneously equipped with various X-ray sources and various X-ray detectors

Brilliant micro-focus sources in combination with flat panel detectors enable high-resolution 3D micro-CT.
Alternatively, the combination of a powerful X-ray tube and a linear detector array allows high contrast imaging of particularly large or massive objects.

The basis for RayScan+ is the modular RayScan manipulator system made of high-precision granite, customizable automated axes, as well as guides and bearings for highest accuracy and loads.

Operating and monitoring of all hardware and software components is performed using RayWare® software package. All functions are accessible in a comprehensive and intuitive user interface.

Whether classic non-destructive testing, dimensional measurement or reverse engineering - the applications for RayScan+ are versatile – the possibilities nearly unlimited.

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Technical Data
X-ray sourceMicrofocusMinifocus
High voltage 10 - 300 kV50 - 600 kV
Focal spot sizefrom < 1 μmfrom 0.25 mm

X-ray detectorsFlat panelLDA
Pixels1000² - 4000²1000 - 4000
Pixel pitch100 - 400 µm200 - 400 µm
Dynamics14 - 16 Bit16 Bit

Number of axesup to 8
Accuracy< 5 µm
Scanning area (horizontal)< 1000 mm
Scanning area (vertical)<2000 mm

Test objects
Max. Weight300 (opt. 500) kg
Dimensions< 1 mm - > 5 m
MaterialsLight metals, Ceramics, Plastics, Composites

Scanning methods
2D-CT, 3D-CT, ROI-CT, Transversal CT, Helical-CT, Radioscopy

Dimensions and choice of components will be customised