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RayScan 100

RayScan 100

For radioscopy and 3D CT of small and large test pieces; if short testing times are required

This high quality compact system for radioscopy and 3D CT has been designed for short scanning times.
Details down to 0.1 mm can be detected.

All hardware and software components are integrated in one intuitive user-friendly interface, which allows easy switching between operating modes.

RayScan 100 E additionally provides extended modes, which make it possible to overcome the limits of conventional CT.

By using Region-of-Interest CT, details or components of only 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm can be detected even in large objects.

PDF-Ikon RayScan 100 (303 KB)

Technical Data
X-ray source (optional)Minifocus 20 -160 kV (225 kV)
Focal spot0.4 mm
Max. size of objects ø / H700 mm / 1200 mm
Max. weight of objects60 kg
Detector´s active area (optional)205 mm x 205 mm (410 mm x 410 mm)
Number of detector-pixels (optional)512 x 512 (1024 x 1024)
Digitising16 bit
Time for measurement incl. reconstruction1 - 15 min.
Resolution of detail< 0.1 mm
Contrast1 %
Modes of operatingRadioscopy and 3D-CT
Optional modeRegion of interest-CT