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Rapid evaluation of radioscopic images and CT data

The automatic evaluation software RayCheck can be used for the analysis of X-ray images within radioscopy, as well as for the results of tomography.

In addition to detecting the presence of certain image elements such as components or faults in the component, RayCheck is particularly convenient for automatic determination of internal dimensions, residual wall thickness or radii.


Short testing times, automatic error detection and parts segregation

A great number of items or high cycle rates require fast testing systems with automatic piece feeding. Our system RayView® for in-line testing by means of radioscopy or 3D CT is designed for short testing times. According to the test result, faultless items are separated from defective ones.
The test results are stored in a data base together with the item references and the measurement parameters.

PDF-Ikon RayView and RayCheck
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Technical Data
X-ray source (optional)Minifocus 20 -160 kV (225 kV)
Focal spot0.4 mm
Size of objects ø / Hcustomised
Weight of objectscustomised
Detector typedepending on application
Cycle timemin. 5 sec. (customised)
Modes of operatingRadioscopie or 3D-CT
Optionalautomatic evaluation