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RayScan Smart

3D micro Computed Tomography system for various applications of non-destructive testing and dimensional measurement

Photo: Tom Meissner-Braun, bmbnet.de

Configurable 3D computed tomography system. Can be simultaneously equipped with various X-ray sources and various X-ray detectors

The first consistent implementation of a seamless interlocking of industrial robotics and high-resolution X-ray computed tomography

RayScan BladeCheck is dedicated for visualization and analysis of large flat assemblies and small objects
RayScan Mobile - The Mobile System

for stationary objects, e.g. pipes, wings, rotor blades, pillars or statues; adaptable to specific applications
RayScan Nano®

3D CT for material studies with details in 100 nm range
RayCheck - Automatic Image Analysis
rapid evaluation of radioscopic images and CT data

RayView® - Automatic In-Line Testing
short testing times, automatic error detection and parts segregation

RayWare® - The integrated comprehensive CT software package
all in one solution for calibration, data acquisition, reconstruction, correction and archiving